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Self Movers in Idaho

Whether you are moving to a completely new state or within the Idaho area, self movers in Idaho can provide you with a quick and affordable option. Here is what to look for to maintain a low cost in your self-move.

ID moving companies will often offer you the option of moving things yourself, which cuts down on your overhead cost of hiring professional movers to do it for you. When you know that you are ready to relocate, start packing right away. It is important to begin to pack up items that you use less often so that they can be store and condense so that your home can be ready to move.

It’s also a great idea to priority boxes that need to be open first. You can mark this clearly on the boxes to make sure that you open them right away since they will contain the belongings that you need. This may include toiletries, pet supplies, kitchen supplies, or clothing. If it is something important that you will need right away once you arrive, make sure to mark it clearly to make your life that much easier.

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Another thing to keep in mind is that less is often more, so consider having a yard sale or donating all of your items to charity before booking your moving company. This will help you to a better idea of what type of moving service that you need, and it will also help you to streamline your costs and cut down on any overhead instead of renting a larger truck then you may actually need. An easy goal is to try to get rid of one-third of what you own, which will allow you to give it away to Goodwill, get rid of something older broken, or even make room to purchase something completely new that you been wanting. It is a much better idea to donate items that you no longer need and then purchase new furniture or clothing when you get to your new home.


Idaho moving is often made even easier with the method that you use to load the truck that you rent. Since you will be loading up all of your belongings yourself, make sure that you stack boxes that are heavy at the very bottom and lighter boxes on the top. This is a no-brainer that makes absolute sense, but it will provide you with extreme help in what you are looking for to make sure that nothing breaks or becomes damaged with the way that you pack it. As another rule of thumb, make sure that you do not pack any box over 50 pounds or less than 30 pounds. If you pack a box less than that, it is a waste of space, but if it is more, it can hurt someone’s back when they lift it.

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Self Service Movers
Self movers in Idaho will provide you with an easy means to use the help of a moving company to move your belongings by yourself.
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