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Car Transport

Idaho Car Transport

Shipping your car transport can feel overwhelming, but when you rely upon expert Idaho car transport, it makes the process so much easier.

First of all, discuss with your Idaho moving company how much it will cost to ship your car to your new home. This is something that is especially beneficial if you live very far away, like Florida. However, if you are in a neighboring state moving to Idaho, then you may want to drive your vehicle yourself. Either way, ID car transport is something that can be easily used, especially if you have multiple vehicles that you are moving for your family.

Start out by determining the cost of this transport, and then deciding whether or not it fits into your budget. Your moving company will also be able to tell you how long it will take to get your car to your new destination.  The exact date of departure, and what type of services that they offer. Some companies offer services that are terminal to terminal, meaning that you will drop off the vehicle at a checkpoint and pick it up elsewhere. Other movers offer services that are door to door, meaning that they will pick it up and deliver it to you. If you are incredibly busy with your move, then consider this option because it makes life easier instead of having to drop what you are doing and go get your car when it arrives.


Next on the list, consider how you are going to pay for your ID car shipping. There are some companies that will require you to give them a deposit, and others will ask you to completely pay in advance. This is something that should be done in writing, and make sure to read all of the paperwork extremely carefully so that you are comfortable in what you are agreeing to. This will also prevent you from racking up hidden costs that you may not have known about before by being cautious in the way that you approach this agreement. Do not rely upon any verbal agreements with your moving business under any circumstance. This will set you up for failure because a verbal agreement does not hold up and reflect upon what you will be required to pay at the end of the shipping.

Lastly, discuss with your insurance company in detail about damage and theft to your car. Car transport is something that is a very serious matter, so you do want to get a copy of your insurance company coverage and the coverage offered by the service that you are using. This is something that will protect you, protect your car, and also protect the company from any liability. As a last tip, take pictures of your car beforehand to have enough physical evidence of the condition that it was in. This is a small thing that many people overlook, but it will keep your possessions protected!

If you would like a free quote for our services, please leave us your contact information, which we will never release without your permission.

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Car Transport
An Idaho moving company will be able to help you determine the best method of car transport at an affordable cost for your relocation!
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